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Vice-mayor - Sun Jun
Duties:Responsible for housing, urban and rural development, urban and rural planning, urban key project construction, urban comprehensive management, land and resources, commerce and business, business and inbound investment promotion, foreign affairs, overseas Chinese affairs and Taiwan affairs.
  In charge of housing and urban-rural development commission, planning bureau, key project construction administration, city management and comprehensive law enforcement bureau, land and resources bureau, commerce bureau, investment promotion bureau, foreign affairs office (concurrently overseas Chinese affairs office, Hong Kong and Macao affairs office) and Taiwan affairs office.
  Responsible for coordinating the work of the friendship association with foreign countries, federation of returned overseas Chinese, federation of Taiwan compatriots, No. 313 Geological Survey Team, Lu'an Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, and Lu’an office of Hefei Customs District
  Sun Jun, male, Han nationality, was born in April in 1970 in Hexian County in Anhui Province. He started to work in Mar. 1989 and joined CPC in Nov. 1992. He has bachelor degree.
  Sun had successively held the posts of legal assistant, secretary, officer in Wujiang Town in Hexian County. He had been director of root working department, Vice Secretary and Secretary in Hexian County. He had been Communist Secretary in Puji village in Hexian County. He then had been Vice Secretary and Secretary Municipal Communist Youth League and Chairman of the Youth Federation in Chaohu. He had been Vice Secretary-general of Chaohu Municipal Government, director of Chaohu Bureau for Complaints and Secretary of Party Committee. He had been Vice Secretary of CPC of Hanshan County Committee. He had been Acting County Chief, County Chief and Secretary of Party Committee of Hanshan County Government. He had been County Party Secretary of Hanshan County and director of Hanshan standing committee. He had been County Party Secretary of Hanshan County. He had been Secretary-general of Ma'anshan Municipal Party Committee. In Aug. 2016, He had been Vice Mayor of Lu'an Municipal Government.