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Secretary-General - Wang Zhuo
Duties:In charge of the routine work of Lu’an Municipal Government with the guidance of the Mayor. In charge of work concerning organs’ affairs administration and government affairs services. Assisting in management of petition by letters and calls.
Leading working of Municipal Government Office(Development and Research Office). In charge of Municipal Government Offices Administration Bureau, Government Affairs Service Center, Beijing Office and Shanghai Office of Lu’an Municipal Government.
Assisting in the management of Bureau for Petition by Letters and Calls.
  Wang Zhuo, male, ethnic Han, native of Shouxian County, was born in Jan. 1964. He joined CPC in Sept. 1984. He graduated from Accounting Department of Anhui Finance and Trade College with Bachelor of Economics, majoring in industrial accounting. He now takes up the Secretary-general of Lu’an Municipal People’s Government.
  From Sept.1983 to Jul.1987, he studied in Anhui Finance and Trade College, majoring in industrial accounting. From Jul.1987 to May 1997, he was an officer in Lu’an Administrative Finance Bureau (Duration: from Sept.1987 to Apr. 1988, he worked as a member of Administrative Turing-loss-into-gain Work Group stationed in Huoqiu Meat Plant). From May 1997 to Aug. 1998, he took up Deputy Director of Lu’an Administrative Finance Bureau Office and Deputy Chief of Research Section for Policies and Regulations. From Aug. 1998 to Oct. 1999, he was appointed the Deputy Chief of Budget Section. From Oct. 1999 to Sept. 2003, he became the Chief of Budget Section (Duration: From Mar. 2003 to May 2003, he participated in the third “Tenth Five” courses for young carders in Municipal Party School). From Sept. 2003 to May 2008, he was the Deputy Director General of Lu’an Municipal Finance Bureau and Member of the Party Leadership Group. From May 2008 to Jun. 2009, he was the Deputy Director General and Deputy Secretary of the Party Leadership Group (in charge of the administrative work of the Bureau). From Jun. 2009 to Mar. 2014, he took up the Director General of the Finance Bureau and Secretary of the Party Leadership Group. Since Mar. 2014, he has been the Secretary-general of Lu’an Municipal People’s Government.
  He is the Member of the 3rd and 4th Committee of CPPCC of Lu’an. He is the Member of the 3rd Committee of CPC of Lu’an.