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Anhui First Unmanned E-commerce Shop Opens in Huoshan
Date:2018-09-26            source:

    On the morning of September 16, the "Zero Distance" E-commerce Shop designated for poverty alleviation ushered in the first group of people to experience the service. It is learned that the shop has adopted an unmanned system, which can display the purchase and payment for consumers with data through advanced technological means. This kind of shop is so far the first in Anhui.
    In order to put the featured and quality agro-products of the city together for experiencing sales in physical stores, the shop has prepared 18 exhibition booths free of charge for the townships in the county. With online promotion and offline experience, the shop can facilitate more consumers in urban area to better know the products and easily buy the produce from farmers.
    This "zero distance" e-commerce platform also offers free online display and promotion of the agricultural, sideline products and local specialties for poor farmers. In this way, the shop can also make contributions to the targeted poverty alleviation.
    Now the shop can deliver the products ordered online to the customers in the city, the same area covered by the system of the shop within 30 minutes. It is believed that the shop is of great help to solve the problem of hard to sell and hard to earn of the poor farmers and to assist them to get rid of poverty.
    As of April 2018, the "Zero Distance" E-commerce Shop had checked out 560 real farmers and helped them put online more than 400 kinds of products free of charge, include black pig meat, country chicken, eggs, honey, winter bamboo shoots, lily, and gastrodia elata. The agricultural marketing sales has exceeded 20 million yuan up to now.