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National "Red Huoshan" Photo Shooting Kicks Off
Date:2018-09-25            source:

    The launching ceremony of the National "Red Huoshan" Photo shooting for the Public Interest with the theme of "Following the Dabieshan Spirit to Showcase the Old Revolutionary Base Area" was held in the Anhui "Red Region" Central Memorial Park the other day. More than 40 photographers and shutterbugs from Hubei, Henan, Anqing and Chaohu were present at the ceremony at the invitation of the organizer. The exhibition is co-sponsored by the Publicity Department of the CPC Huoshan County Committee, Huoshan Tourism Administration, Huoshan Media Bureau, Huoshan Civil Affairs Bureau and the Photographic Art Center of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles.
    It is learned that the organizer will collect in a wide range the photographic works showing the natural scenery, urban construction, urban and rural landscape, historical and cultural scenic spots in Huoshan, aiming at displaying with the cameras the brilliant achievements of Huoshan in its 40 years construction and development since the reform and opening up. According to the organizer, the entries will be officially exhibited at Tsinghua University in this mid December.