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China Writers Association Organizes Famous Writers to Lu'an 
Date:2018-09-07            source:

  In celebrating the 40 anniversary of the reform and opening up of China, Tie Ning, chairwoman of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and chairwoman of China Writers Association, headed a group of famous writers to Huoshan of Lu'an on September 5. The group will learn and experience local culture and new situation in Anhui for literary and artistic creation.
  Yan Jingming, vice chairman and secretary of the CPC Secretariat of the China Writers Association, Sun Yunfei, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Anhui Provincial Committee and secretary of the CPC Lu'an Municipal Committee, Yu Aihua, member of the Standing Committee and director-general of the Publicity Department of the CPC Anhui Provincial Committee were present at the occasions of the activities.
  Tie Ning and his group visited the China Moon Bay Writers Village in Dongxixi Township and the China Immortal Valley Painters Village in Zhufo'an Township to learn the living conditions and the literary and artistic creation of the writers living there.
  In recent years, the Moon Bay Writers Village and the Immortal Valley Painters Village have attracted many well-known domestic writers and painters there for literary and artistic inspiration. The two villages have not only provided good living conditions and environment for writers and painters, but also enhanced the attractiveness of the county. Meanwhile, the activities of the writers and painters have brought tremendous impetus to local people to get rid of poverty and for the rural rejuvenation.
  After on-the-spot inspection and hearing introduction, Tie Ning fully affirmed Huoshan's creative measures to remodel the buildings left by the moved-away military factories into desirable villages for writers and painters.
  Tie Ning said that when looking back the course of the four-decade reform and opening up, Huoshan in the old revolutionary base area should be considered a very good epitome of the progress of China, which can serve as a broad space and stage for literary and artistic creation. She said that China Federation of Literary and Art Circles will, in accordance with the requirements of taking root in life among the people, absorb local literary and artistic nutrients for creative inspiration, further collect valuable materials and conduct more in-depth visits to experience new things for creative inspiration. Meanwhile, the association will actively support the development and progress of literary and art undertakings in the old revolutionary base area and strive to rally momentous strength for the reform and development of the old revolutionary base area.
  It is learned that this tour for literary and artistic inspiration is organized by China Writers Association with a participation of over 30 nationally famous writers. In Lu'an, they focused on the themes of rural reform and opening up, of targeted poverty alleviation and rural revitalization strategy. They have collected information at grassroots level.