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Benefit Premiere of 'That River'
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The grand premiere for the long-awaited movie "That River" about the construction of Pishihang project, the first one about the project in China, was held in Lu'an on the evening of August 18. The film shows the heroes in the old revolutionary base area and the spirit of fearless sacrifice and dedication of the people at that time.

Li Yangbin, president of the China Association of Irrigated Area, Gu Hao, former director-general of the general office of the Ministry of Water Resources, Ji Bing, former director-general of Anhui Provincial Department of Water Resources, Cai Jianming, chairman of the council of Anhui Provincial Hydraulic Engineering Society, as well as Lu'an municipal leaders Han Jun, Wang Lan, and Li Jianming (former vice chairman of the Standing Committee of Lu'an People's Congress) were present at the premiere and watched the film.

The 60th anniversary of the commencement of the construction of Pishihang project falls on August 19 this year.

The movie "That River" is starred by Wang Qingxiang, Chi Peng, Zhang Yangguo'er, Xu Nannan and Song Ge. With the story of how a young Luju Opera performer Xu Xiaowei tried to look for her father after her mother's death, the movie tells audience about the Pishihang project, its hard time and arduous construction and the great spirit of Pishihang created by the people at that time.

The film "That River" is a "red" theme film with distinctive local characteristics and characteristics of the time.

On August 19, 1958, the people of Anhui responded to Chairman Mao's great call to "fix well the Huaihe River" and started a campaign to build reservoirs, dig canals on the land of Anhui in a self-reliance and hard working manner. By 1972, the backbone of the Pishihang project was generally completed for water supply.

Over the 14 years, Anhui/Lu'an people accomplished nearly 600 million cubic meters of earthwork and create an epic of water control system that can be called a "miracle in the human world", with usually 500,000 people working there and the most 800,000 people a day.

For decades, Pishihang project has played an important role in flood control, irrigation, hydroelectric power generation, urban water supply, shipping and aquaculture.

According to statistics, since it was put into operation, the project has accumulatively supplied 162.5 billion cubic meters of water for irrigation to 456 million mu of farmland, It is estimated that the project has benefited a grain production increase of 58.38 billion kilograms, and reduced losses to drought more than 140 billion yuan. It has played a great role in the economic and social development of Anhui Province.

At the premiere, the creative team of the movie shared their stories behind the screen and the inspirations when making the movie.   .

The film will be released nationwide on September 7 this year. It is learned that the movie has been selected as an entry to the 2008 Beijing Youth Film Festival and has been invited to be shown at the Sino-American Film Festival in Los Angeles, USA at the end of this October.