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Lu’an to Commemorate 60th Anniversary of Pishihang Project
Date:2018-07-11            source:

  Lu’an held a conference to arrange commemorative activities for the 60th anniversary of the start of the Pishihang project at Lu’an Administration Center on the morning of July 3. Chen Jiaben, standing committee member of the CPC Lu’an Municipal Committee and executive vice mayor of Lu’an Municipal People’s Government, attended the meeting and made a speech. Other leaders present at the meeting include Han Jun, standing committee member of the CPC Lu’an Municipal Committee and director of the publicity department of the CPC Lu’an Municipal Committee; Zhu Panjie, vice mayor of Lu’an Municipal People’s Government; Liang Xiucun,vice chairman of the CPPCC Lu’an Municipal Committee; and Lu Chun, secretary general ofLu’an Municipal People’s Government.
  Chen Jiaben pointed out that the commemoration for the 60th anniversary of the start of thePishihang project is of great significance for it is not only an important part of the theme education of “remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind”, but also an important carrier to inherit the red gene and carry forward the tradition of the oldrevolutionary base area.
  For what to do in the next step, Chen Jiaben stressed that governments and departments at all levels should fully understand the importance of the commemoration, make clear division of responsibilities, focus on the central link, arrange time nodes in a countdown manner, and make the preparatory work well and realistic. Chen Jiaben also demanded that the image promotion of the project and Lu’an be carried out continuously.
  The meeting has clarified the division of responsibilities for such working groups as those for commemoration preparation, venue arrangement, publicity, and security. As well, it has clarified the contents of the commemorative activities.