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China Life Insurance Inspects Projects for the Aged
Date:2018-06-28            source:

  An inspection team consisting of leaders from China Life Insurance Anhui region headed byBai Hongwei, general manager of the real estate, aged-care and regimen investment department of China Life Insurance Investment Holdings Co., Ltd came to the Dabieshan Wetland Park in Qingshan Township, Yu’an District of Lu’an to inspect the high-end project for the aged on June 26. Chen Jiaben, standing committee member the CPC Lu’an Municipal Committee andexecutive vice mayor of Lu’an, accompanied them in the inspection tour.
  The leader of Yu’an District in charge of the project introduced the advantages and basicconditions of the wetland that is to be used as the locality for a high-end project for the aged in Qingshan Township.   Dabieshan Wetland Park is a comprehensive tourism project to be constructed by the CPCYu’an District Committee and Yu’an District People’s Government in the 13th Five-Year plan period. The park will feature wetland protection, ecological leisure life, sightseeing and regimen experiencing.
  The wetland park will be built into a desirable environment where people can see green scenery, smell flower fragrance, hear bird twittering and enjoy the shade. Specifically, it will have revetment, plant arrangement and viewing points. In this way, the entire eco-environment can be maintained healthy, stable and sustainable.
  The prospect for the development of high-end aged-care project is very encouraging, for thelocation, market conditions, environment, traffic and supporting facilities are all in line with the requirements.