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Lu'an-Shanghai Promotes Tourism in Shanghai
Date:2018-06-13            source:

  Lu’an-Shanghai Tourism and Business Promotion sponsored by Lu’an Municipal People’s Government, and organized by Huoqiu County People's Government and Lu'an TourismAdministration was held in Shanghai on June 12. Liang Xiucun, vice chairman of the CPPCCLu’an Municipal Committee and director of Lu’an Municipal Tourism Administration was present at the event.
  In his speech, Liang Xiu expressed his hope that this promotion could be used as a good opportunity to deepen cooperation with Shanghai and open a new chapter for win-win tourism between the two cities for mutual-benefit. He said he welcomes Shanghai people to enjoy the beautiful landscape, rich cultural and historical resources of Lu’an.
  The performances of “Red Flowers in Full Bloom”, “Colorful Lu'an Awaits You”, and “TheOsmanthus Fragrance Spread Again” vividly demonstrated the beautiful landscape and local customs, winning applauses from visitors and participants.
  At the promotion, officials of Lu’an Municipal Tourism Administration made detailed introductions to the tourism resources and products of Lu’an, and officials of Huoqiu County Tourism Bureau also made detailed introductions to the tourist attractions and chosen tourist routes especially for Shanghai people.
  At the venue of the promotion, featured tourism products and brand-name food materials of Lu’an were displayed.