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Ye Luzhong Meets Journalists from ASEAN Media and China Central Media for International Publicity
Date:2018-06-06            source:

  Mayor Ye Luzhong met with journalists from the mainstream media of 10 ASEAN countries and major national media of China for international publicity on the evening of May 28. Zheng Mingwu, director-general of Anhui Provincial Information Office, Han Jun, director of the CPC Lu’an Publicity Department and Lu Chun, secretary-general of Lu’an city government were present at the meeting.
  After extending his welcome to the journalists on behalf of Lu’an city government and its 5.9 million people, Ye Luzhong introduced Lu’an. He said, Lu’an is in the west of Anhui, covering an area of 15,500 square kilometers with a registered population of 5.9 million. The city has a long history and is one of the old revolutionary base areas in China. It is rich in natural resources and particularly known for Lu’an Guapian tea. Lu'an enjoys beautiful ecological environment and is a winner of the National Prize for the Best Practices in Human Settlements Improvement, as well as a national forest city.
  Ye Luzhong emphatically noted that in recent year, the city has adhered to its green revitalization strategy and unswervingly put poverty alleviation on top of the agenda in its overall economic and social development, so that the government can ensure that Lu’an will be in step with the people of Anhui and all over China in building the country into a well-off society in an all-round way.
  At the same time, Lu’an has been persistent in high quality development. The people here will not only make the central regional city in the Dabie Mountains livable and good for work, but also make the countryside more beautiful. The city will vigorously develop new industries such as electronic information and new energy, promote high quality development of economy and society, and better protect the green mountains and lucid waters of Lu'an.
  Ye Luzhong said he hopes that the journalists could visit more places in Lu'an, and make valuable suggestions for improving the work of the city. He also hopes that the journalist could make good use of their media platforms to introduce Lu’an and let more ASEAN people know the city. He added that Lu’an warmly welcome tourists from ASEAN countries.
  Santhy Devi, head of the ASEAN media news covering delegation and editor in chief with the Malaysian National News Agency, expressed her appreciation on behalf of the delegation for the warm reception. She said that all the members of the delegation felt Lu'an's good ecological environment and strong development momentum in a one-day visit and interview. They will give full play to the role of the media platforms to promote Lu’an and let more people in ASEAN countries know Lu'an.
  During their stay in Lu’an, the delegation went Anhui Yingliu Group, Pishihang Irrigation Area, Qingshan Township Wetland Park, and Nanlou Village of Subu Town to collect information for news covering.