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Targeted Poverty Relief Cooperation Agreement Signed in Beijing
Date:2018-05-09            source:

  Lu’an Municipal People’s Government started targeted poverty alleviation cooperation with Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) and China Media Group (CMG) in Beijing on May 7.
  Li Yunze, ICBC vice president, Jiang Haiqing, CMG deputy chief editor, Ye Luzhong, Lu’an mayor, Xiong Jian, Party chief of the CPC West Anhui University Committee, Han Jun, standing committee member and director of the publicity department of the CPC Lu’an Municipal Committee, and Lu Chun, secretary-general of Lu’an Municipal People’s Government attended the signing ceremony.
  In order to effectively undertake the task of targeted poverty alleviation, and give better play to the advantages of the “e-commerce assisting farmers” project, a research group form the Global Chinese Broadcasting Cooperation(GCBC)came to Lu’an to set up an e-commerce platform to help tea farmers get rid of poverty. In addition, the group broadcast what they have learned in Lu’an in a series of news reports.
  It is believed that the cooperation among the three sides can give full play to the respective advantages of customer resources, technology, market channels and brand influence. The integrated resources and advantages complementary to each other can benefit the income increase of the farmers in poverty-stricken areas.
  In his speech, Ye Luzhong summarized the profile of Lu'an City and its recent tea industry development in “one mountain, one river, one ancient criminal code, one song, and one cup of tea”. He expressed his heartfelt welcome to people present at the ceremony and his sincere gratitude to them for their long-term support to the development of the city.
  The tea industry has become an important engine to speed up rural revitalization and to promote poverty alleviation, as Ye Luzhong pointed out.
  “People in the old revolutionary base area will learn well the speech delivered by President Xi when he was inspecting Lu’an and they will also be active, diligent and responsible in work,” he added. “They will inherit the regional culture of Dabie Mountains, create a new e-business mode that can benefit farmers, and fight a good battle against poverty in the old revolutionary base areas.”
  At the launching ceremony, Lu’an government, GCBC and ICBC jointly signed an “E-commerce for Poverty Alleviation” strategic cooperation agreement, indicating the start of a new chapter for targeted poverty relief among different social sectors.
  Han Jun, standing committee member and director of the publicity department of the CPC Lu’an Municipal Committee presented honor plaques to the two sides with sincere appreciation for their support to the old revolutionary base areas of Lu’an.
  In the following “Lu'an Guapian” tea party, experts, tea enterprise representatives and senior personages in tea industry from Beijing discussed with Lu’an people how to help Lu’an develop tea industry over the fragrant tea.
  Xiong Jian, Party secretary of the CPC West Anhui University Committee, introduced the history and production process of Lu'an Guapian. Representatives of tea farmers from Dawan Village of Jinzhai County shared their experience of poverty relief with the tea career.
  Ye Luzhong pledged that Lu’an will, together with tea enterprises and experts, make the tea industry better and disseminate tea culture. The city will give full play to the brand impact, continuously improve the popularity and reputation of the tea industry of Lu’an, make good use of tea source to push forward urban revitalization and facilitate poverty alleviation.