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1st Gao Merchant Development Forum held
Date:2017-12-26            source:

  The first Gao Merchant Development Forum was held on December 24, 2017. Zhang Risheng, standing committee member and director of organization department of the CPC Lu’an Municipal Committee attended the forum.
  Dialogues and exchanges were held at the forum focusing on the inheritance and development of Gao merchants and the mission of the contemporary entrepreneurs. The forum urges clustering development of Gao merchants and the building of Gao merchants brand. It is suggested to optimally allocate competitive resources and cultivate local leading enterprises, so as to form a joint force and guide more SMEs and micro enterprises in transformation and upgrading, and help them out of the predicament of low-end, high energy-consumption, low profits, and brandless production.
  It is also suggested to encourage good enterprises of Gao merchants and other domestic business groups to share tasks for the B&R construction, export production capacity and develop overseas market. The forum called for making good use of foreign talents, technology, market and capital to serve Chinese business groups, and improve their own outbound investment capacity and profitability for various domestic development projects.
  It is learned that Gao merchant group was in history a part of Hui merchant group that was one of the ten influential merchant groups in China. As an important part of Hui merchant group, Gao merchants were from Lu'an City.