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Party Congress Spirit Dissemination Mission in Lu’an -New Mission in New Era and New Thought for New Journey
Date:2017-11-08            source:

  According to the unified arrangement of Anhui Provincial Party Committee, a mission from the Party committee held a lecture to disseminate the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress in the auditorium of Lu’an Administration Center. Yu Aihua, a delegate to the Party congress, standing committee member of the CPC Anhui Provincial Committee, director-general of Anhui Party Committee Publicity Department and member of the dissemination mission delivered a lecture. Sun Yunfei, standing committee member of the CPC Anhui Provincial Committee and Lu’an Party chief presided over the lecture and made a speech.
  Over 1,000 people attended the lecture, including city leaders Bi Xiaobin, Wang Sheng, Fu Xin’an, Chen Jiaben, Shu Xuelong, Meng Yongyong, Gao Bin, Zhang Risheng, and Han Jun, other leaders of the standing committee of Lu’an Municipal People’s Congress, Lu’an Municipal People’s Government, the CPPCC Lu’an Municipal Committee, some retired leading officials of the city, cadres of government departments, officers and soldiers from the Lu’an Military Sub-command and armed police, university teachers and students, as well as representatives from local communities.
  The disseminating lecture lasted almost two hours. Yu Aihua started from the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and gave highlight to and focused on the magnificent importance of the congress, Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, the historical achievements and changes in the past five years, the new era the socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered, the evolvement of the social principal contradiction in China, major strategic arrangement for the economic and social development, and new requirements for the Party building.
  The disseminating lecture was distinct in theme, rich in content, profound in thought, simple in language and easy to understand. The lecture was really thought provoking and it intrigued enthusiastic response from the audience. It was of important guiding significance for the Party members and masses of the city to grasp the spirit of the Party congress comprehensively and accurately.
  Listeners said they would thoroughly study, implement and unify their thought to the spirit of the Party congress, and consciously join in the great practice to speed up the green revitalization of the old revolutionary base area and to tackle the difficulties of poverty alleviation.
  In order to further understand the essence of the disseminating lecture and earnestly do a good job in mastering and implementing the spirit of the Party congress, Sun Yunfei demanded in his speech that people should deepen understanding of the spirit in the heart so as to consolidate our determination.
  He said, learning, disseminating and implementing the spirit of the Party congress is the top priority in the political work for the recent time and in the near future. It is of great significance and far-reaching influence and matters the overall situation.
  He asked all the departments of the city at all levels to take the lecture as a good opportunity, and in accordance with the decision of the CPC Central Committee, the guiding opinions of the provincial Party committee and the resolution of the municipal Party committee, to strengthen organization and leadership, make study plans in detail, and conscientiously carry out large-scale study, dissemination, training, and implementation of the spirit, and take full efforts to lead the study and implementation to new upsurges and in deep thought.
  Sun Yunfei urged to fully comprehend the spirit in earnest study and true understanding to strengthen development impetus. He asked all Party members and leading cadres to seriously read the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the newly amended Party Constitution, so as to accurately master the essential thought and the core spirit of the Party congress.
  He asked to focus on and seize the key points, make thorough study for the comprehension of the essence, concentrate efforts on understanding and seek for practical result while mastering the essence on the basis of a comprehensive and systematic study, so as to ensure that all the Party leaders know the spirit in the heart and use it skillfully in practical work.
  He also asked to promote in-depth publicity in a wide range to guide the aggregation force for development, continue to do a good job in publicity and dissemination, and implement the “seven principal parts and seven deliveries” dissemination program. In addition, he asked to disseminate the spirit of the Party congress in a face-to-face, multi-directional and multi-dimensional manner to further promote the spirit into grass-roots levels, to all the people and to their heart.
  Sun Yunfei emphasized that the city should push the implementation into daily work and increase vitality for development, adhere to the principle of “applying the spirit learned into practical work and promote learning with the need of practical work”, closely integrate the learning with the actual development of Lu'an, the actual work of each department and the ideological reality of the majority of cadres and the masses.
He further asked to better convert the spirit of the Party congress into work momentum in practical work, identify the right channel for the policy to be implemented and truly transform the spirit of the Party congress into real effectiveness to strengthen the “Four-sided Consciousness”, the program of revitalization with green development, and to push forward reform and development and strengthen Party discipline in an all-round way. He called upon all people to step up efforts to write a new chapter of Lu’an with Chinese characteristics.
  After the lecture, Yu Aihua made a special trip to Yangguang Community in Sanliqiao Sub-district of Jin’an District, where he studied in detail the cultural development of the community. He also exchanged ideas with and answered questions from grass-roots Party members and the masses on how to implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.