Wednesday   November  14, 2018
Symposium for Mutual Understanding between Lu’an, Hannover
Date:2017-11-03            source:

  In order to further promote mutual understanding and deepen friendship and cooperation between Lu’an and Region Hannover, Germany, Vice Mayor Wang Anyi chaired a symposium for that purpose. Huake Jagau, president of Region Hannover introduced the region and the government management system at the meeting.
  Participants from both sides watched a video promotion of Region Hannover first and then officials from relevant Lu’an government departments introduced Lu’an and its governance structure. The two sides had in-depth discussions and idea exchanges on the work, functions and responsibilities of the government departments and agencies, occupational education, cultural and healthcare entities.
  Region Hannover of Germany is in the center of European Union, covering an area of about 2,300 square kilometers, with a population of about 1.2 million. Under the jurisdiction of the region are 21 cities and towns. It is easily accessible and by highways, railways, planes and waterways, you can reach the region from every corner of Europe. The mass transit systems are also well developed.
  It is learned that Region Hannover commands a highly developed manufacturing industry. It is the industrial center of automobile, machinery and electronics in Germany. The government of Region Hannover was established in 2001 after the incorporation of the Hannover Administration District and the Greater Hannover Administration District. The government structure is different from tradition regional governments and the regional council is composed of 85 councilors directed elected and the president of the region, the highest representative of the region, is also directly elected by local residents.
  Since 2012 when Lu’an established a sister city relationship with the region, the two sides have energetically promoted exchanges and cooperation in various forms in culture, healthcare and other fields, resulting in fruitful results.