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Sun Yunfei Meets Chief Executive of Region Hannover
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  On the evening of Oct. 31, Sun Yunfei, standing committee member of the CPC Anhui Provincial Committee and Party secretary of the CPC Lu’an Municipal Committee met with Huake Jagau, president of Region Hannover, Lower Saxony, Germany. The two leaders had a cordial discussion on the implementation of the cooperation proposals signed between the two cities, attempting to actively promote exchanges and cooperation in the fields of healthcare, education, trade and culture.Vice Mayor Wang Anyi and leaders from Lu’an relevant government departments, hospitals, and vocational schools were present at the meeting.
  Sun Yunfei said it was a delight to have the delegation from Region Hannover to Lu’an at the pleasant time of the festive golden autumn. In October 45 years ago, China and Germany formally established diplomatic relations. Since then the two countries have exchanged constantly bilateral visits at high level and more and more pragmatic cooperation projects have been carried out between the two countries.
  The Party chief mentioned the successful conclusion of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of Chinese a few days ago, saying it marked a new era of development China has entered. He told the visiting guests that Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era has been written into the Constitution of the Communist Party of China and we believe the exchanges between China and Germany will step into new and better times after the 19th CPC National Congress.
  Sun Yunfei recalled the first visit of Huake Jagau and the official signing of the agreement on a sister city relationship between the two sides, twinning the two into international sister cities.In the past 5 years, the two sides have actively promoted exchanges and cooperation in the fields of culture and healthcare in various ways and achieved positive results. In October last year, a Lu’an delegation visited Region Hannover, where the two sides signed a letter of intent for cooperation and the visiting delegation hosted a “Lu'an Cultural Week” that further deepened mutual understanding, enhanced friendship between the two sides, and upgraded the friendly city relations.
  “Lu'an possesses good mountains, good waters, and rich natural resources. In the golden autumn, Lu'an is more than beautiful,” the Party chief added. He also expressed his hope that the two sides could have more cooperation, particularly in the fields of vocational education, healthcare, exhibition and tourism, and open a new chapter of prosperity and development for both sides.
  In response, Huake Jagau said, Region Hannover Hospital Group had visited Lu'an before and signed a cooperation agreement with Lu'an People's Hospital. That would be the prelude of cooperation in healthcare between the two sides and lay a solid foundation for further friendly exchanges.
  Now the comprehensive strength and foreign policies of China are increasingly influential in the world. Huake Jagau told the host that he watched the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China on TV. “I believed China will further develop and become more glorious in the new era,” as he said.
  Huake Jagau also said he has noticed that in recent years, Lu'an has been active in promoting city construction, industrial development and environmental protection. The economy develops steadily with quality improvement. The city appearance changes greatly.
  “In addition to the cooperation in health care, the two sides could also have further exchanges and cooperation in education, culture and more fields. In this way, we can jointly promote the prosperity and development of the two sides, and gain more achievements and deepen friendship,” he added.