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Tidal Star Group Makes Donation to Jinzhai County
Date:2017-10-17            source:

  On the morning of October 16, a donation ceremony was held in Jinzhai County, Lu’an city, at which, Zhang Hanlong, member of the Chinese Peasants’ and Workers’ Democratic Party and chairman of the board of Beijing-based Tidal Star Group, made a donation on behalf of the company to the old revolutionary base area in Jinzhai for poverty alleviation. Sun Xuelong, vice chairman of the Anhui Committee of the Chinese Peasants’ and Workers’ Democratic Party delivered a speech at the ceremony and leaders from relevant departments of Jinzhai County were present at the ceremony.
  Concurrently, Sun Xuelong is also a vice chairman of the CPPCC Lu’an Municipal Committee, chairman of Lu’an Committee of the Chinese Peasants’ and Workers’ Democratic Party, director of Lu’an Financial Bureau and director of Lu’an State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.
  Zhang Hanlong praised that Jinzhai is a magical land, an important cradle of the people's army, a source place of China revolution, the first county of the Chinese Workers’ and Peasants Red Army and a nationally famous home county of the PLA generals. During the revolutionary war period, the people in this old revolutionary base area made great contributions to the success of the revolution. He said he was deeply moved.
  “On the occasion of the national Poverty Alleviation Day (Oct.17), I and the Tidal Star Group would like to make a donation to Jinzhai for the poverty alleviation in the old revolutionary base area,” he continued.
  It is learned that the material donation is some medical devices worth of 4 million yuan, and the money donation is 2 million yuan for setting up a “Tidal Star Student Subsidy Fund”. From 2018, the company will subsidize 40 needy college students 10,000 yuan each every year in five years.
  Chairman Zhang said the donation of today was only the beginning. In the future, his company will follow the development of this revolutionary land and continuously support the medical care and education undertakings of the county as it did before.
  Sun Xuelong express his warm welcome to Zhang Hanlong and his group, and his appreciation for their deep love for the old revolutionary base area in his speech.Sun Xuelong predicted that the medical equipment donated by the Beijing-based Tidal Star Group could further improve the grass-roots health care units in Jinzhai and help people in the old revolutionary base area get rid of poverty. The establishment of the Tidal Star Student Subsidy Fund could kindle the hope of poverty-stricken students who are longing for more knowledge. “All this shows the deep feeling of the company to the students in the old revolutionary base area,” Sun praised.
  Sun Xuelong asked relevant departments in Jinzhai to take good care and make good use of the medical equipment, provide efficient, convenient and safe medical service for people in the old revolutionary base area and give full play to the donated equipment. At the same time, Sun urged to strengthen the management of the fund, make earnest assessment and do a better job in granting the subsidy to students from families really in need.
  During their stay in Jinzhai, Zhang Hanlong and his group paid a visit to Dawan Village in Huashi Township to learn the real situation of the local people in the fight against poverty. They also visited Jinzhai Revolutionary Museum to pay tribute to revolutionary martyrs and learn the profound revolutionary history and culture of Jinzhai.