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Lu'an Succeeds in Upgrading to Quarter-finals of “Charm China” City Competition
Date:2017-08-14            source:

  On August 14, the CCTV “Charm China” City Competition Organizing Committee issued a notice to Lu’an city government, informing voting cycle adjustment and rules.
  The notice clarified that from 24:00, August 13, the new votes online added will not be linked to the ranking of a city in preliminaries, quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals. The upgrading will be based only on the score or points of the city awarded in real performances.
  Fortunately, by the deadline, Maoming and Lu’an were the two cities ranking atop others in the online vote although they were left behind than those who had been upgraded already. According to the new rules, although lost in real performance competition, Lu’an survived for quarter-finals thanks to the online vote.
  “Charm China” City Competition will be broadcast and rebroadcast in the CCTV Financial Channel. Each recorded program will also be broadcast seven times in CCTV Synthetic Channel. The audience rating is believed the highest among others at the same time.
  It is learned that the quarter-finals will be arranged in three sessions, and three cities will compete at each session.The number one in score at each session will be directly upgraded into top 10, and four of the six second ones will be ranked according to their scores in the competition. The first four will survive and be upgraded into top 10.
  As a kind of interaction, the online voting will continue.Viewers or netizens can voluntarily vote to express their support for their home town or their favorite city. But, after the effective date of the adjustment, the online votes will not be counted into the score.