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Lu'an Tea Festival & Yu’an Tourism Promotion in Hefei
Date:2017-08-07            source:

  The 17th Lu'an Guapian Tea Cultural Festival in parallel with the Yu’an Tourism and Investment Promotion was held successfully in Baohe District of Hefei on the afternoon of August 5.
  Xu Jianmin, associate inspector of Anhui Provincial Tourism Administration, Ning Bo, vice mayor of Hefei, Gao Bin, secretary of Lu’an Politics and Law Committee, Xue Jianhong, vice chairman of the standing committee of Lu’an Municipal People's Congress, Yang Guangxiang, vice chairman of the CPPCC Lu’an Committee, leaders of Baohe and Yu’an districts as well as almost 400 guests were present at the promotion.
“Huilu Guapian, the Warmth in Inheritance” is a wonderful tea art performance at the opening ceremony, with which the cultural festival started.
The dance “Gaotao Emotion”, the song “Beautiful Longjing Valley” and other local, unique performances have not only created a festive atmosphere, but also fully demonstrated the richness and good image of Lu’an city. The performance triggered bursts of applause.
  At the festival, Yu'an District made a special presentation of its advantages in tourism and business development. It signed some agreements with Baohe District on the strategic development of the innovation and start-up industrial zone, on sending visitors to each other’s attractions, and on purchase and sale of agricultural specialties.
At the promotion, the organizer broadcast such video films as “Making Dream True in Yu’an” and the “Promotion Film of Lu’an Guapian”, and exhibited agro- and local specialties, and the unique tourism products. In this way, visitors can have a better and direct look into the rich resources and prosperous perspective of Yu’an District, which features profound culture, legendary revolutionary history and vigorous green development.
  At the promotion, many Hefei residents and visiting guests used their mobile phones to vote for Lu’an in the "Charm China" City Competition inspired and guided by working staff .