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Officials from Lhoka Come to Study Lu’an
Date:2017-08-14            source:

  A Lhoka delegation from Tibet headed by Goncqua Dorji, vice chairman of the standing committee of Lhoka Municipal People Congress visited Lu’an from August 10 to 11. The delegation studied and inspected the work Lu’an people’s congress has carried out recently, the city’s economic and social development as well as the development of tourism of the city. Wen Baoqiang, vice chairman of the standing committee of Lu’an Municipal People's Congress, accompanied the visit.
  The delegation studies the construction of the Nanhu Park, Youran Nanshan project, the Great Rift Valley in West Anhui and the Tourist Passage in the Dabie Mountains. They also studied the development ideas and specific measures for the leisure tourism in detail. They said they deeply understand the success Lu’an has achieved in the development of rural leisure tourism, in the coordinated development of urban and rural areas and in the building of the new socialist countryside.
  The members of the delegation said, through the visit they got a better understanding of the rural leisure tourism development. They saw new things, learned experience and strengthened confidence for their own development in rural tourism.
  During the visit, Goncqua Dorji expressed that he learned a lot and benefit a lot. He could feel clearly the advanced ideas, clear thought and vigorous vitality in the development of rural leisure tourism. He added that he would bring back what they had learned in Lu’an and make them into specific ideas and effective measures in the tourism development in Lhoka. He hoped the visit could serve as a starting point for future exchanges and communications, with which, the two sides could learn from each other for the mutual development of the two cities.