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Hong Kong Businessmen Come to See Lu’an Tea
Date:2017-08-22            source:

  On August 20, Wu Zhibin), member of the standing committee of the Anhui Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese and chairman of the board of Hong Kong Changjia Group , and Zhang Shikang, vice chairman of the National Technical Committee 339 on Tea of Standardization Administration of China and vice president of China Tea Marketing Association came to see the tea production of Lu’an and discussed cooperation on tea business. Vice Mayor Sun Jun accompanied the business visitors.
  At a symposium, leaders from Lu’an municipal agricultural commission introduced the tea production to the guests. Competent departments in charge of tea production in Jinzhai, Huoqiu and Yu’an and tea producers had a discussion with the experts on how to raise more fund for tea production, how to expand brand influence and how to promote the three industries’ integration.
  Zhang Shikang briefed the participants on the future development of China's tea industry and made suggestions on the development of Lu'an tea production.
  Sun Jun expressed his gratitude on behalf of the municipal government to Wu Zhibin for his coming and thanked the expert with deep appreciation for his guidance. The vice mayor asked the departments in charge of tea production and local tea enterprises to have in-depth communications with experts, and follow the latest technology and information in tea production and grasp timely the trend of tea industry. He also asked them to actively contact Longjia Group and make preparations for cooperative tea projects in the future.