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Lu’an, No.1 in GI Trademark Registration in Anhui
Date:2017-08-25            source:

  Anhui Provincial On-the-spot Promotion for Geographical Indications Trademark Utilization was held in Lu’an on August 23. The promotion was for further uplifting the utilization level of geographical indications trademark in Anhui. Cui Shoudong, deputy director-general of the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, and Wang Anyi, vice mayor of Lu’an attended the event.
  At the promotion, recommendations for the top 10 Anhui GI trademarks were announced and plaques for them were awarded. Huoshan Huangya Tea, Lu’an Guapian Tea and Jinzhai Camellia Oil were honored among the top 10.
  Recently, Lu’an has vigorously implemented the “trademark enriching farmers” project and carried out an industrialized operation mode featuring “GI trademark + association (enterprise) + farmers + production base". Focusing on the working idea of “relying on a specific resource, concentrating on a trademark, driving an industrial sector and enriching farmers in a certain area”, the city has explored a characteristic road to cultivate GI trademarks and for targeted poverty alleviation.By the end of 2016, Lu’an has 35 registered trademarks of geographical indications (including 34 agricultural related trademarks), ranking first in Anhui and accounting for 34.65% of the total of the province.If we count them to different counties/districts, Jinzhai ranks No.1 in Anhui, having 27 in total, accounting for 28.72% of that of the province and 77.14% of that of the city.Yu'an District and Huoshan County have three each, while Shucheng County and urban district directly under the city have one each.In categories and types, the ones in vegetables, melons and fruits take the majority of the trademarks. In following are the ones in grain and edible oil and the third herbal medicines. These three categories account for more than 60% of the total.