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Singapore Business Delegation Visits Lu'an
Date:2017-08-01            source:

  A Singapore business delegation headed by Ho Chee Hin, group director, China Group, International Enterprise Singapore visited Lu’an on July 28. Mayor Bi Xiaobin met and exchanged ideas with the delegation on materializing and deepening cooperation.
  The delegation paid an on-the-spot visit to the Keppel Wangjiang International Coldchain Logistics Park, and had a symposium with leaders of relevant departments at Lu’an Central Demonstration Zone for Undertaking Industrial Transfer.
  The symposium was chaired by Deputy Mayor Chen Jiaben. Other leaders present at the meeting include Tang Yunzhou, deputy secretary general of Lu’an City and director of Lu’an Foreign Affairs Office, and Huo Shaobin, district mayor of Jin’an and chairman of the administration commission of the central demo zone.
  At the symposium, the guests introduced the general information about the International Enterprise Singapore and Huo Shaobin introduced the central demo zone, its business environment for investment and the progress of the Lianfa Group project. The two sides had a deep discussion on the remaining challenges to and future plans for the project, and expressed willingness to continue cooperation for win-win development.
  Deputy Mayor Chen Jiaben pointed out that a new round of cooperation between the two sides has basically taken shape, and the cooperation for commercial housing and industrial project on the land of 140 mu is pragmatic.
  While talking about the new round of cooperation, the deputy mayor emphasized that the two sides should keep a positive attitude to look forward into the future on the basis of the present conditions. The two sides should strengthen determination for cooperation, seek common points while reserving difference, and finalize with joint efforts and start the construction of the 140-mu commercial housing and industrial project.
  The deputy mayor urged to strengthen communications and idea exchanges so as to strengthen mutual confidence and determination for bilateral cooperation. He mentioned that at present the development of the demonstration park poses a good momentum, for many good projects are setting up or moving to the zone. He also expressed his hope that more international companies will join Lu’an and facilitate the development of the new eastern part of the city.
  Chen Jiaben promised continued care and support of the government to Singaporean enterprises in Lu'an. The city will improve and complete public utilities and supporting facilities around the project site and fully implement preferential policies for investment.
  In conclusion, the deputy mayor showed his expectation for continued and in-depth interaction and strengthened communication between the two sides after the completion of the new cooperation project. He also expected that the Lianfa Group could give full play to its advantages in international capital and project operation capacity and explore new projects for cooperation in more fields.