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Lu’an Operates Core Platform of Social Insurance
Date:2017-07-05            source:

  Accompanied by leaders of Lu’an Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, Deputy Mayor Wang Xinxiang came to Lu’an People’s Hospital and Lu’an TCM Hospital to inspect the online operation of the third edition information system on the afternoon of July 3.
  Lu’an took the lead in Anhui in putting online the core platform of the third edition Social Insurance Information System on July 1, which has facilitated the realization of the medical insurance system online featuring “one database, one card and one platform”. In addition, the core platform has extended its links to civil affairs and poverty alleviation departments of the city.
  With the platform, an inter-connected “one-stop” settlement system functions well for basic medical insurance, serious illness insurance, medical aid and health fallback funds.
  Moreover, information amendments and declarations of social insurance premium of insured entities, changes of personal information and personal rights and interests inquiries can be done online, which makes all the procedures related easier for insured entities and insured people.
  Wang Xinxiang and his group visited the settlement windows of Lu’an People’s Hospital and Lu’an TCM Hospital during the inspection tour. Through on-the-spot inspection and listening to work reports, they studied in detail the online operation of the system and the benefit to the people from the poverty-relief policy.
  Wang Xinxiang demanded that problems occurring during the operation must be collected thoroughly and solved timely to ensure a stable operation of the new system.
  Meanwhile, he urged to strengthen personnel training in a bid to make them quickly familiar with and master the operational procedures to enhance the service ability and provide better and convenient services for the insured people.