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Guangxi Delegation Studies Poverty Alleviation in Lu’an
Date:2017-06-06            source:

  A delegation from Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region headed by Peng Qinghua, Guangxi Party chief and chairman of the People’s Congress and Chen Wu, chairman of the region visited Jinzhai County on June 4 to study the work of poverty alleviation.
  Accompanying leaders from Anhui and Lu’an were Li Jinbin, Anhui Party chief and chairman of Anhui Provincial People’s Congress, Tong Chengpei, secretary-general of the CPC Anhui Provincial Committee, Deng Xiangyang, executive vice governor of Anhui, Sun Yunfei, Lu’an Party chief and city leaders Bi Xiaobin, Pan Dongxu.
  The delegation visited the relocation center of Yuling Village, Gupai Town in Jinzhai, Xinyi Photovoltaic Power Plant and Xinyi Guangfu Agricultural Park in Meishan Town. During the visit, the delegation listened to introductions, paid visits to farmers and construction sites, with the focus on the work related to relocation, house site reform, poverty alleviation with PV project, and agro-industrial development. The members of the delegation commented that Jinzhai experience in targeted poverty alleviation of Lu'an is something good they can learn from and copy to their localities. They said they would like to learn more about the successful experience in accurate identification of poor families for accurately targeted relief, so that they could do their job better in poverty alleviation.
  The delegation admired the work of relocation and targeted poverty alleviation and believed they learned a lot. In Yuling Village of Gupai Town, the delegation visited the houses of the villagers at the relocation center, and collected detailed information about the work of relocation and house site reform. After in-depth inspection, the delegation members spoke higher of Jinzhai, praising that it seized many good opportunities in the county reform deployed by the central government. They particularly valued the comprehensive use of the favorable policies on relocation and house site reform and the poverty relief subsidy to relocated families, which, they believed, had greatly aroused the enthusiasm of the people, improved the living conditions of the poor families, and enhanced the work efficiency. “Such experience in precise poverty alleviation could be regarded as a model for Guangxi to follow in accelerating poverty alleviation.
  In Xinyi Guangfu Agricultural Park of Meishan Town, the delegation visited refined cultivating nurseries for dendrobium, tea, ginger and sealwort. Many of the members used they mobile phones to take picture of the projects benefiting poverty alleviation on exhibition panels. The delegation members said they would bring back the good experience they learned from Lu’an to improve their own work in Guangxi so as to invigorate Guangxi and make people rich. They expressed their hope to strengthen cooperation with Lu’an in industry, tourism and opening up, so as to promote common development and mutual benefit for win-win situation.
  Sun Yunfei introduced the basic situation of the city in poverty alleviation to the delegation during their stay in Lu’an. The Party chief summarized the modes in poverty alleviation, including featured farming and breeding + poverty relief, rural tourism + poverty relief, Internet + poverty relief, PV + poverty relief, and new-type business entity + poverty relief. He introduced that in recent years the city has vigorously developed characteristic and competitive industries, cultivated new-type business entities, and promoted accurate twinning between poor families and those offering help, accurate poverty relief and accurate lifting of poor people from poverty.
  In the next step, the city will adhere to the principle in poverty alleviation by giving priority to the most different tasks among all other poverty relief activities and earnestly implement the accurate and precise poverty relief to help the poor out from poverty, so as to ensure timely, overall, true, sustainable and green poverty alleviation. The Party chief said Lu’an would also like to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Guangxi, promote and implement cooperation projects and strive for win-win development.