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Lu'an Honored Provincial Model City of Civilization
Date:2017-06-24            source:

  Anhui Provincial Spiritual Civilization Development Steering Commission released this year’s list of model cities, towns, villages, units and advanced cities in ideological and moral construction for minors a few days ago, in which Lu’an was cited as a model city of civilization in the 4th selection.
  Jinzhai was cited as a provincial demo county for civilization development in the 2nd selection, Huoshan and Shucheng as provincial model counties in the 4th selection. Huoqiu was awarded the title of advanced county in spiritual civilization development, and Yu’an and Jin’an were commended as model districts of civilization in the 2nd selection. In addition, quite a few entities, towns, communities and villages of Lu’an were listed in the citation.
  On the success of being listed as a provincial model city of civilization in the 3rd selection in 2015, Lu’an started another round of programs to enhance the city in civilization development, focusing on ecological improvement. Since then, the city has stepped up efforts to promote implementation of various tasks for maintaining the honor, resulting in significant improvement in social progress. The municipal Party committee and government place the spiritual civilization development on the top of the agenda and leaders personally push forward the task related thereof. For that purpose, Lu’an has established a municipal headquarters composed of five leading promotion groups, a general office and a supervision office. In this way, the city can integrate all social forces into a strong “resultant force”.
  Lu’an keeps problem-solving as the guiding principle in the spiritual civilization development. With boosted efforts in regulating, the city persists in solving problems either in a prohibiting or a diverting manner for the problems found, and sets up a long-term mechanism with binding measures that have worked efficiently. After constant education and awareness improvement, conscientious practice of civility has become the social and cultural norms of the people.
  Thanks to the promotion of the civilization development, many people come out as national, provincial, municipal role models and good people around us. At present, the entire city is in a hot surge, in which all people care and join in the promotion of the spiritual civilization development.