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"Charm China" City Competition Launched in Lu'an
Date:2017-06-27            source:

  “Cheer for Lu’an and thumbs up for your hometown” is the catch phrase among residents of Lu’an recently. On June 25, the Lu’an performance competition sponsored by CCTV in the framework of “Charm China” was held in Youran Lanxi, a national 4A tourist attraction in Lu’an.
  Mayor Bi Xiaobin announced the opening of the competition. Other leaders present at the ceremony were Han Jun, director of Lu’an publicity department, Wang Anyi, vice mayor, and Wang Zhuo, secretary-general of Lu’an city government.
  At the opening ceremony, Han Jun introduced the preparations of Lu’an for the competition and asked the people of the city to join civilization tours in the beautiful Lu’an. She said the participation of Lu’an in the “Charm China” competition is a good opportunity for the city to show the profound culture, enhance the image and expand the popularity of the city.
  She encouraged the people of the city to join efforts to showcase the city, particularly the cultural tourism and city image, on the stage of CCTV in a manner more people-friendly, locally and creatively. According to her requirement, the competition activities in the city should be an interactive and moving visual feast featuring rich Lu’an cultural elements.
  At the opening ceremony were also various performances selected from the four counties and three districts, ranging from Flower-drum Lantern Show, Haoyang Song, folk ballads popular in the Dabie Mountains to the intangible cultural heritage Luju Opera. The performances displayed rich and local culture characteristics, showing comprehensively the tourism resources and culture uniqueness of the city. While enjoying the eye-catching cultural performances, the audience also showed their enthusiasm and expectation for the competition.
  After screening the programs and further preparations, the selected team representing Lu’an will be video-recorded preliminarily by CCTC in the second half of July, which will give highlight to the exceptional charm and culture of Lu’an, in an artistic manner.When CCTV broadcasts the program, millions of audiences over China will get a better understanding of Lu’an, its profile, natural resources, rich culture, as well as its specialties and delicious food.