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Senior Civil Servants from HKSAR Visit Lu’an
Date:2017-05-24            source:

  Accompanied by Vice Mayor Wang Anyi, trainees in the seminar on national affairs for senior civil servants from Hong Kong visited Lu’an on May 23. The aim of the visit is to learn achievements Lu’an has made in economic, social and industrial development and urban construction, and to further strengthen exchanges and enhance mutual understanding between civil servants in Hong Kong and Lu’an.
  The visiting group first toured Wanxi Museum, where they learnt the local culture and history of the Dabie Mountains, the wisdom and folk custom of Wanxi people, and the great contributions and the role of the Wanxi people in the development of Chinese Civilization and in the Chinese Revolutionary history. Then they visited the exhibition hall of Pishihang irrigation area and Luoguan Island that diverts water on the main canal of the Pihe River, and listened to a brief introduction to the irrigation area, including construction achievements, project management, water dispatch and water conservancy modernization.
  After the visit, the trainees had a discussion with relevant city government departments on poverty alleviation and environment protection. They said that they were impressed by the great changes of the historical revolutionary base area. Through the visit, they understood the national conditions better and would like to contribute more to exchanges and cooperation between Hong Kong and Lu’an.