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Pihe Wetland Park Receives National Inspection
Date:2017-05-25            source:

  “I think that Lu’an Pihe National Wetland Park (pilot) has preliminary functions and the image of a national wetland park,” a member of the expert panel from the Wetland Protection and Management Center of State Forestry Administration said on the morning of May 21 at the acceptance meeting for the park held in Lu’an. Zhu Panjie, vice mayor and head of Lu’an Municipal Public Security Bureau attended the meeting. Leaders of Jin'an District Government, Yu'an District Government, Lu’an Municipal Forestry Bureau, Lu’an Municipal Urban Management Bureau participated in the meeting.
  From May 20 to 21, an expert panel headed by Bao Daming, chief engineer with the Wetland Protection and Management Center of State Forestry Administration came to Lu’an for acceptance check on Pihe National Wetland Park. The expert panel conducted an on-the-spot investigation. They went to Hengpaitou, Fenghuang River Landscape Belt, Science Museum and Wetland Restoration Area to learn the basic situation of the construction for the Pihe National Wetland Park. They all spoke highly of the construction for the Park and hoped Lu’an City could further strengthen standardization in construction, improve management, protect and restore the unique wetland landscape as the clean water supply base to the Huaihe River Basin and enhance the wetland park construction and management.
  Zhu Panjie said that we should take the construction of the Pihe National Wetland Park as an important task. The praise of the experts is an impetus and encouragement for us. The shortcomings are the targets of our future efforts.We must take problem-oriented approach, accept all the questions and then carefully sort out what is missing and what should be rectified in an aim to improve the construction and realistically build Pi River National Wetland Park into a brand of Lu’an. In a sense, we should protect wetland as we take care of our eyes.
  The Pihe National Wetland Park is located in the middle reaches of the Pihe River and borders the north of Hengpaitou Water Conservancy Hub in the south and Hefei-Lu’an-Yeji Expressway in the north.The Pihe River is 43.7 kilometers long with an area totaling 4,448 hectares in the wetland park. The wetland proportion hits 68.9 percent. The wetland in the park is in three types, namely, rivers, swamps and artificial wetlands. The wetland park has the functions of flood absorption, water storage and ecological function improvement. It is one of the important wetlands in Anhui as well as an important place in the Dabie Mountains where waterfowls perch and spend winter. 
  Since 2011, Lu’an has piloted the construction of the national wetland park. Adhering to the concept of "protection priority, scientific rehabilitation, rational use and sustainable development", Lu’an has made remarkable achievements in infrastructure construction, environment protection, ecosystem restoration, science popularization, education, research and monitoring based on its own advantages and characteristics. Lu’an has preliminary built a wetland park characterized by wetland protection, tourism, science popularization, education, and urban leisure activity in general.