Monday   September  24, 2018
The Local Environment

  In recent years, with carrying on improving development envir0nment, Lu'an has made big progress in such fundamental construction as transportation, energy sources, communication and municipal administration. The atmosphere of wider opening up, inviting foreign businesses and investment, simplifying administration and providing excellent services is forming. Lu'an has become the hot spot for investment and venturing investment.


  With only 70 km away from Hefei, Lu'an has excellent regional transportation. Within Lu'an, there are national roads (No. 312, 206 and 105) and Hefei-Jiujiang and Nanjing to Xi'an railway. There are also several railways under construction will interacts in Lu'an. Thus, Lu'an has been rated as traffic hub city in land route. With the westward construction of Hefei Airport, the transportation of Lu'an will become much more convenient, which can bring closer connections with fast-developing areas in China. Now, Lu'an owns 16,557-km roads (314- km national one, 743-km provincial one, 3,493-km for counties, 5,207-km for towns and 6,800 for villages). The density of road coverage is 92.1 km per hundred square kilometers. Lu'an is also convenient in air transportation for Hefei Luogang Airport is just 70 km away. It also make profits in river route and land route.

Electric power

  As Lu'an owns four hydropower station, that is, Foziling, Meishan, Xianghongdian and Mozitan, it is the important power supply base of power grid in Eastern China. In recent years, Lu'an Power Grid Company has earned widespread for its administrative reform. It has gained a lot of honored title. (Information source: Lu'an Power Grid Company)

Data Communication

  The communication circuit of Lu'an has realized digitized optic-fiber transmission. PSN, DDN, ISDN and ATM Wide Area Network constitute a complete, advanced and unified public communication net, which can provide high-capacity, high-speed , safe and global reach communication service. The gross number of local fixed telephone users is 769,000 households with a decrease of 252,000 and the gross number of mobile phone users is 3.314 million with an increase of 298,000. The number of internet users is 307,000 with an increase of 63,000 compared with last year. All governments at all levels have built website respectively.

 Urban Construction

  After turning into city, Lu'an formulated a series of developing strategies to accelerate the speed of urbanization. The whole urban area extended from 19 square km to 60 square km and the overall population increased from 220,000 to 600,000. The total investment of downtown infrastructure construction has reached 10 billion yuan. There are over 280 key important projects have been built and used. The total urban renewal has covered 29,000. Many urban roads and express way connecting projects break though the urban major roads and build up the downtown framework.
  With the accelerating steps of urban greening, Lu'an has built a group of parks and green lands to improve the urban road greening system. At present, the municipal greening rate amounts to 37.8% and the rate of green land coverage reaches 40.8%. The living surrounding has been largely improved.
  Along with the increasing effects of urban development, some counties and key towns have also made great progress in new rural construction. Some featured key towns arise like bamboo shoot, such as Hangbu, Maotanchang, Zhufoan, Subu, Nanxi, Yaoli and Banqiao.
  The whole developing procedure of Lu'an has witnessed 6 overall plan revision, that is 1958, 1975, 1979, 2000 and 2008. It can be generally divided into three major phases: fumbling, developing and elevating. The goal of 2030 is that the city population will reach 1.2 million and the construction scale will extend to 120 square km. The city will become the central harmonious city on the northern slope of Dabie Mountain with "green" as its characteristics and "water" as its soul. (source: Municipal Housing and Construction Committee)

Ecological construction

    Lu'an, located on the northern slope of Dabie Mountain, forms a unique ecological system. The urban environmental quality hold on the second-level standard and the rural area the first-level.
  At present, Lu'an has built one national nature reserve---Heaven Village to Mazong Mountain Ridge, and 4 provincial nature reserves, including Wanfo Mountain, Fozi Mountain Ridge, Chengxi Lake and Wabu Lake. The total level is higher than the provincial average one. Four forest parks have been built and 5 provincial scenic areas have been built. Lu'an has also been active in planting trees to protect water and soil. In July, 2011, Huoshan County was honored as "National Ecological County" by National Environmental Protection Department.

Civilization Construction

    Lu'an has insisted to carry on activities such as building a civilized city, civilized industries and civilized villages and towns. In urban area, many activities of civilized construction have launched and has got apparent results. Some units and companies have got honored titled either nationally or provincially.  In rural area, the mutual construction between downtown and countryside has been formed . Shucheng County and Anfeng Town in Shouxian County are highly praised for their civilization construction by the Central Civilization Construction Committee.

Superior Services

  Municipal Administrative Service Center has set up 14 service "windows" to provide 98 kinds of services. It provides "One Station" service for foreign investors and local newly-built enterprises. The Center has formulated some system to make services more effective and more penetrating to win the trust form all the investors. And the Municipal government carries out censorship system to monitor the Center.

Legal Environment

  In order to construct a city of socialist legality , meet the need of market economic system and follow the regulations of WTO, Lu'an has made great reform in governmental normative documents to enforce administration leagally , be strict to accountability system for administrative law-enforcement and reinforce the supervision on administrative law enforcement. The "12348" law service center provides legal aid to civilians. "110" emergency will deal with public safety affairs on time. The People's Court and Procuratorate from all levels execute their full functional authority to maintain the social stability effectively.