Monday   September  24, 2018
About resources

  The terrain of Lu'an is ladder-shaped for its high and steep west and south, and low and gentle east and north. It has formed three natural regions: mountains, hills and plains. Lu'an is located between east longitude 115°20’-117°14’ and northern latitude 31°01’-32°40’. It belongs the transitional zone from northern subtropical zone to warm temperate zone. It has a marked monsoonal climate, four distinctive seasons, a moderate climate, abundant rainfall and adequate sunshine. Under the combined function of special geography and climate condition, Lu'an is rich in natural resources and abundant minerals.

Land resources
  The gross area of Lu'an is 17,976, which takes 12.9% of Anhui Province. It is divided into four parts: mountains of Dabie Mountain northern slope, Jianghuai hills, Jianghuai mound ground and Plains. The watershed of Yangtze River and Huaihe River brings two river systems of Huaihe River and Yangtze River, among which Huaihe basin takes 83% and Yangtze basin takes 17%. There are 6.6 million mu of cultivated land, 11 million mu of mountains, 3.51 million mu of waters. Thirty-six percent of its agrotype is paddy soil. (Source: Lu'an Land Resources Bureau )

Water and hydropower Resources
    The surface water resources of Lu'an amount to 9.99 billion cubic meters. It is characterized by unbalanced distribution between southern and northern area, comparative large annual change and uneven distribution of time and space. There are 7 main rivers within its administration. Five reservoirs--Foziling, Meishan, Mozitan, Xianghongdian and Longhekou--has been built successively. At present, there are famous Pi-Shi-Hang Multiple-purpose Project, Linhuaigang Flood Control Project and Bailianyan Reservoir Project within its administration.

Plant Resources
   Lu'an belongs to evergreen broad-leaf forest zone of northern subtropical zone and mingled forest of deciduous leaf and evergreen broad-leaf zone in middle area of Anhui Province. The production of grain, oil, cotton, hemp, chestnut and tea rank among the top list of Anhui Province. Wild plants have widespread in Lu'an. There are 1360 species of medical plants belonging to 203 families. Among them, Huoshan dendrobe and Anhui bulb of fritilary have been developed with a certain scale.

Animal Resources
  The animal fauna of Lu'an is characterized by transitional part between Palaearctic realm and Oriental realm, crossing over Dabie Mountain and Jianghuai Hill. There are over 500 species of aquatic and terrestrial animal. The local superior breed include Wanxi white goose, Huogu spotted-brown chicken, Dabie Mountain cattle and Shouhuo black pig.

Mineral Resources
  Lu'an belongs to eastern part of Qinling orogenic belt in geographic structure, which is a region of better metallogenic condition. It is characterized by large quantity and various types. Fifty-seven minerals has been discovered. It has good ore-searching potential in oil and gas. (Source: Lu'an Land Resources Bureau )