Monday   September  24, 2018
About Society


  With the development of economy, many social causes such as science and technology, education, culture, health, radio and television, sports, birth control and social security are continuously promoted.
  Science and Technology
  Science and Technology has remarkable influence on the development and both economy and society. There are 11 provincial engineering technology research centers. Twenty three municipal achievements have been gotten, and 4 provincial achievements, among which 3 are awarded as provincial prizes. The national high-tech enterprises in Lu’an amount to 58 and their products amounts to 157. The grand total of scientific special commissioners in Lu’an is 610 and the institutions for scientific experts increased to 78. The social economic benefit the commissioners create amounts to 2.16 billion yuan. And annual increased value the experts bring amounts to 1.83 billion yuan. In 2012, 2,897 products have applied for the patent with the increase by 74.5%; 1813 patents have been authorized with the increase by 65\5. There are 40 companies entered the municipal science and technology innovation services center. And in 2012, they realized 0.12 billion yuan of sales income with 1.8 million yuan of tax. Up to now, there are 7 provincial new or experimental innovation enterprises, 8 engineering technology research centers, 5 enterprises with superiority of intellectual property, 7 productivity forces promoting centers and 16 enterprise technology centers. (From: Lu’an Science and Technology Bureau)
  By the end of 2012, there are 2,904 different-level schools with 1.09 million students. Among them, 6 are institutions of higher education, that is, West Anhui University, Lu’an Vocational and Technical College, Anhui Vocational College of Defense Technology, West Anhui Health Vocational College, Lu’an Television University and Anhui Modern Information Engineering College. The undergraduate college students are totally 310,000. And there are 62 ordinary senior high schools, among which 13 are provincial model ones and 31 are municipal model ones with 131,600 students. There are 34 vocational high school students, ordinary secondary schools and 5 adult secondary schools, among which 3 are national key vocational high schools and 6 are provincial key schools with 65,000 students. There are 358 junior high schools with 289,000 students. There are 1,827 primary schools with 434,000 pupils. There are 7 special education schools with 1,002 students. There are 567 kindergartens with 106,000 pupils. And there are 36 adult primary and high schools with 31,000 students. The rate of kindergarten enrollment for one-year pre-school is 87.48% and the rate for three-year pre-school is 67.38%. And the rate of primary school enrollment is 99.93% and the annual rate of dropping out of school is 0.08%. The rate of enrollment of Level 3 disability children is 94.10%. The rate of enrollment of junior high school is 98.06% and the annual rate of dropping out of school is 0.68%. The literacy rate of young adults is 97.95%. The rate of entering the high schools is 75.07%. The enrollment rate of senior high school is 85.04%. The total teaching staff in Lu’an is 77,000, among which 52,000 are specialist. The qualified rates of primary, junior and senior high school are 99.95%, 98.90% and 95.41% respectively. (From: Lu’an Education Bureau)
  The 11th Five-Year-Plan is a remarkable five year of cultural development. The cultural systematic reform has been actively promoted, the cultural creation level has continuously elevated, the legacy protection has achieved remarkable effects, the cultural markets have been further regulated and the cultural industry have been developed well step by step.
By the end of the 11th Five-Year-Plan, there are 600 pieces of newly-created literary or artistic works. And over 3000 sessions of non-profit show or expositions have been hold. In the third Archaeological Survey, 1796 immovable cultural relics have been registered. There are 6 in national non-legacy list and 24 in provincial non-legacy list. The new West Anhui Museum with total investment of 7.5 million yuan has been built and opened. There are 6 public libraries, 6 museums, 7 cultural centers, 4 artistic performance troops, 164 village (subdistrict) cultural stations (among which 88 are built during the 11th Five-Year-Plan),1,272 village bookstores and 8,388 village-to-village stations. All together, there are 1,182 entertainment places. There are over 300 printing and copying enterprises with more than 20,000 employees. Through efforts, Shouxian County and Huoshan County have made great progress in cultural causes and received several national or provincial honorable titles. And there are also some excellent individuals are complemented on their contribution to the cultural causes. By the end of 2012, there are 7 cultural centers in Lu’an, 165 village (subdistrict) cultural stations, 6 public libraries with a collection of about 2,152,500 volumes of books (among which 1,610,000 are electric books), 7 administrative institutions of heritage conservation, 9 museum with 17,347 historic relics reserved. (Lu’an Press and Publication of Culture, Radio and Television Administration)
  By the end of 2012, there are 2,515 health institutions, among which 193 are hospitals and health centers, 18 health prevention and control institutions, 9 maternal and child health hospitals, and 138 community health service institutions. The total number of bed space is 16,235. There are 16,429 professional health technicians, among which 7,053 are medical practitioners and physician assistants and 5,773 are registered nurses. The bed space per one thousand inhabitants is 2.13. There are 18,080,000 patients who have received medical treatment from medical institutions at all levels. The outpatient clinics have treated 2,280,000 people. And the patients hospitalized are 480, 000 with a decrease to 6.4 days in the hospitalized day. The successful rate of emergency treatment has increased to 97.12%. The hospital births have increased to 99.89%, and the death rate has decreased to 13.3321 per 100,000. The death rate of infants has decreased to 4.48‰, and the death rate of children under 5 year old has decreased to 6.08‰. The rate of participation in the new rural cooperative medical care is 96.38%. The maximum compensation has been elevated to 80,000 yuan, which is beneficial to over 5 million people. The community health centers sponsored by the government are all well equipped with primary medicines, which is beneficial to 7 million rural and urban inhabitants. (From: Lu’an Health Bureau)
  Radio and Television
  There are 6 radio and television stations, 1 medium-wave transmitting stations 12 FM transmitting stations, 6 television stations and 12 television transmitting stations. The cable television has implemented networked and the bidirectional transmission networks between the urban districts and every counties haven been opened. The Lu’an Radio and Television Centers has been built. The “Village-to-Village” Program and the digital TV program have been actively promoted. The digital network has covered 38.9200 households. The rate of radio coverage is 95.72% and the rate of comprehensive television coverage is 94.69%.
  There are 40 sports associations, 29 stadiums and 7 youth clubs. There are 6 sports schools with traditional sports with the staff of 150 and over 40,000 students at school. The famous shooting athlete Shu Qingquan has participated in the 25th Olympic Games. In 1994, he has taken part in the world shooting championship with 2 golden medals. The boxing athlete Jiang Tao, who has participated in the 26 Olympic Games, won the fifth in the contest of over-91 kilogram and then he was awarded as “Asian King of Left Hook”. During the period of “the 9th Five-Year-Plan”, there are 37 national and provincial athletes coming from Lu’an and there are over 500 have won medals in provincial matches and 27 have broken the province records. There are various forms of sports meeting held by the city and also some county, such as Shucheng County had successfully held the Ironman triathlon in Asia and International Dragon Boat Contest. And also, the mass sports activities have various forms. And the city also shows great interest in holding the mass sports activities by holding different mass sports meeting. During the year, there are 13 teams of 313 athletes, wining 34 golden medals, 55 silver medals and 48 bronze medals.
  Population and Birth Control
  By the end of 2012, there are 7.103 million registered with an increase by 7,000 people. According to the registered households, the birth rate of the year is 15.67‰ with an increase by 2.57‰ comparing with the previous year; the death rate is 10.95‰ with an increase by 5.26‰ comparing with the previous year; the natural increase rate of population is 4.72‰ with a decrease by 2.68‰. Based on the provincial sample survey, there are 5.651 million permanent inhabitants in Lu’an, which reflects the urbanization rate is 38.9% with an increase by 1.5% comparing the previous year. The population and birth control have turned to the modal of “Late marriage, few but better children”. The reproduction of population has turned into “Low birth, low death and low increase”. And the administrative pattern has carried out the principle of “Three Focuses”. And the method taken by Jinzhai County is widely advocated around the city.
  Social Security
  The social security system is continuously improved. The five social insurance systems, that is, pension, unemployment, basic medical insurance, occupational injury and maternity are well developed. By the end of 2012, there are about 322,900 people who take part in the urban basic pension, 219,000 in unemployment insurance, 323,700 in basic medical insurance, 234,000 in occupational injury insurance and 216,900 in maternity. All together, the total income of these five items is 2.1 billion yuan with an increase by 15%. The security pension is beneficial to about 3,752,700 people; the basic medical insurance covers 741,600 people; the unemployment insurance covers 5,256 people. Around the year, 8,978 people have received creativity training, and 35,344 received employment skill training. There are 5,819,000 people participating in the New Rural Cooperative Medical System. Around the year, social welfare lottery of 369 million yuan has been sold with an increase by 31%, which has collected about social welfare fund of 99 million yuan. And the sports welfare lottery of 102.79 million yuan has been sold with a decrease by 1.6%. (From: Lu’an Statistic Bureau)
  operty indemnity accounts for 0.641 billion yuan which has increased by 5.5%; the life indemnity accounts for 0.44 billion yuan which has increased by 8.2%. (From: Lu’an Statistical Bureau)