Monday   September  24, 2018
About Economy

  In history, Lu’an gained the reputation of “Golden Lu’an” with its early economic development. In modern times, frequent wars and many natural disasters resulted in the slow development for a long period of time. Since the founding of PRC, especially after the reform and opening, Lu’an has witnessed the historical change in economy. The pillar industry of regional economy has been well developed and the local national economy system has been established. The economy development has kept its good trends.
  Agricultural Economy
  As a city of big agriculture, there are abundant resources in Lu’an and it is nicknamed as the crops barn among cities along the Huaihe River, the kingdom of white goose, the treasury of tea, the place of silk and the village of water electricity. Lu’an, as the national key production base for commodity grain, is rich in grain, seed oil, fiber, Chinese chestnut, tea, cocoon, meat, fowl, and aquatic product. In 2012, the gross output value is 19.88 billion yuan; the grain output is 51.2 million ton with planting area of 19.2 million mu; The area of planting vegetable reaches 94.8 million mu. The meat output is 51.2 million ton and the aquatic output is 28.1 million ton. The following industries has become the leading and characteristic ones: superior grain and seed oil, vegetable, tea, live pig, fowl, aquatic product, silk, oil tea, Lu’an fiber, herbal medicine and wickerwork. There exist leading enterprises with industrialization agriculture, among which there are 2 national enterprises, 59 provincial enterprises and 266 municipal enterprises. Fifty eight products are recognized as pollution-free agricultural products, 90 as green good and 31 organic food. Lu'an Melon Seed Tea, Huoshan Yellow Bud Tea and Wanxi White Goose were authorized as national certified brand name. Huoshan Dendrobe, Lu'an Melon Seed Tea, Huoqiu Wickerwork and Yingjia White Wine are recognized as China geographical indicative protection products. There is one national agricultural band, 30 provincial famous agricultural brand and 26 products which are praised as Anhui Famous Agricultural Products There are over 40 agricultural byproduct processing enterprises which create over 200 million dollars which account for 60% gross export. 3 pollution-free tea production base and 2 pollution-free vegetable production base have been built. And there are more and more agricultural commodities have passed the Certification of Green Food. (From: Municipal Agricultural Committee)
  Industrial Economy
  By carrying out the “Learn from Huoshan to develop industry” activity, Lu’an, as the traditional agricultural city, has stepped into the fast trace of developing industry. And the industrial economy has rocketing recently. In 2012, there are 770 industrial enterprises above designed size, which has increased 98 comparing the previous year. The added value they produce reaches 35.48 billion yuan which has increased by 17.7%. Among it, light industries account for 15.72 billion yuan which has increased by 20.2%; heavy industries account for 19.76 billion yuan which has increased by 29.2%. From the angle of economical types, enterprises of joint-stock system, foreign capitals and Hongkong-Taiwan-Macao investment have increased rapidly by 16.9% and 29.2% respectively. From the angle of industry, 33 industries has made added value increased among the 33 industries investigated. Among the industries whose added value reached to 1.5 billion yuan, the following industries have increased rapidly, namely, agricultural byproduct processing industries, metal manufacture industries, non-metal manufacturing industries, electric and machinery manufacture industries. They increased by 29.8%, 22.5%, 20.1% and 19.7% respectively. The industries with certain size have generated 12.679 billion yuan in their major business income which has increased by 22.7%; their tax realized reached 11.76 billion yuan, which decrease by 13.3%. Among it, the profits they achieves take 7.97 billion yuan, which decrease by 17.9%. The composite index of economic benefit is 281.1%, which increases by 0.4% comparing with the previous year. In the whole year, the industries above designed size generate electricity of 1.68 million KWh, which increases by 21.9%. The industrial leading pattern has formed briefly. Many construction programs have carried out vigorously. Such great program as Thermal Power Plant, car accessories and equipment manufacturing and steel fine processing has located in Lu’an. The programs of power transmission and transformation--5 million KV, 2.2 million KV and 1.1 million KV--have been carried out. The annual investment in electric infrastructure has reached over 1 billion yuan. The adjustment of industrial structure has achieved apparent results. The proportion of mine metallurgy, machinery manufacture, textile and clothing, light industry and agricultural by product processing has taken above 90%. High-tech enterprises take 15% in the industries with certain size. The ratio of new products takes nearly 30%. There is a new refreshing distribution of industries. Every county and district has built nuclear industrial zone in succession. At present, the planned total area of provincial economic development zone reaches 199.21 square kilometers. And the built total area reaches 77.74 square kilometers. The total investment of infrastructure amounts to 9.348 billion yuan. Huoqiu County, Huoshan County, Yu’an district, Jin’an district and Shucheng County have witnessed the flourishing rural industries. The wickerwork of Huoqiu, the children’s tricycle of Shucheng, the straw mat of Shouxian and wood and bamboo processing has thrived vigorously. The construction of municipal demonstration zone has launched rapidly. Some important programs, such as electro-optic industry, have official signed the contracts. The industry platform has formed its sketch with the nuclear district of urban industry and the frame of provincial economic development zone. Now, promising Lu’an will make efforts to grasp the great opportunities of the construction of demonstration zones near the Chanjiang River and the construction of Hefei Economy Circle, rise rapidly with scientific development and try to realize the new jumping from industrial minority city to industrial majority city. (From: Municipal Economy and Information Committee)
  Construction Industry
  In 2012, construction industry of Lu’an has realized output value of 6.91 billion yuan, among which the profit is 0.78 billion yuan. The total construction area amounts to 1,527,000 square meters, among which the finished area takes 904, 000 square meters. There are 335 construction enterprises, among which 77 there are general contractors (2 first-grades, 40 second-grades and 110 third-grades), 77 specific contractors (3 first-grades, 8 second-grades and 66 third-grades) and 106 subcontractors. The employment reaches approximately 110,000. There are at least 10 leading enterprises, which have extended their markets all over the country mainly distributed in some major cities such as Beijing, Tianjing and Shanghai. (From: Municipal Housing and Construction Committee)
  Real estate Industry and Housing Guarantee
  Since the city was settled, living space per-capita has increased from 16.8 square meters in 2000 to the present 26.8 square meters. The commodity housing sale and real estate exploitation have been monitored by relevant rules and regulations. And the property management has covered 80% residential communities.
  Since the application of low-rent housing security system, the city has gotten 38 low-rent housing programs and 50 other housing reform and public-rent programs. And 48.82 million yuan housing allowance have been distributed to 29725 households. And the city has applied 9570 low-rent houses. By the end of 2012, there are 4457 households receiving the keys of their low-rent flats. (From: Municipal Housing and Construction Committee)
  Commerce Circulation
  After years of reform, the commerce circulation has formed and different modern modes of operation are thriving. There are more than 30 malls with over 2000 square meters. Lu’an Commercial Capital and Lu’an Department Store are the leading ones. There are 350 different kinds of markets with at least 1,200,000 square meters and the total annual trading value is 5.5 billion yuan. There are different large markets distributed in Lu’an and some other counties, such as wood and bamboo market, straw mat market in Shouxian County, chestnut market in Jinzhai Banchong.
  Individual Private Economy
  There are 1.29 million registered individual businesses with over 320,000 employed people and 5.11 billion yuan of registered capital. There are 14,357 private enterprises, among which there are 2,387 ones with over 1 million yuan of registered capital, 1067 ones with over 5 million yuan of registered capital, 789 ones with over 10 million yuan of registered capital and 29 ones with 100 million yuan of registered capital. In 2012, the individual businesses have realized 11.01 billion yuan of output value, 12.79 billion yuan of sale income and 720 million yuan of industrial and commercial tax. They have become the majority of county economy. (From: Lu’an Industrial and Commercial Bureau and Lu’an Local Tax Bureau)
  Foreign Economy
  In 2012, the total export-import volume is $ 726,890,000, among which export accounts for $710,880,000 and import accounts for $ 26,010,000. There are 12 newly authorized foreign-invested enterprises. Foreign merchants have invested directly$ 299,170,000 in contracts, among which there are $ 260,300,000 direct investment already realized and $ 5,180,000 other investment. Ninety enterprises have the export rights. And some companies have created over $ 5,000,000 export value. The foreign markets include America, Japan, ASEAN, Eastern Europe, Western Asia and Africa. Apart from the encouragement of export, more stimulating policies are applied to attract more merchants and investments. Now, there are over 87 foreign-invested enterprises in 13 industries with total investment of $ 61,328,760,000. And most of them are manufacturing business, which take almost 79.3%. Thirty seven merchants, taking 42.5%, come from Hong Kong, and 18 ones with 20.6% from Taiwan. And the foreign merchants are mainly from EU, Australia, HK, Macao and Taiwan. (From: Lu’an Industrial and Commercial Registration Bureau)   Finance and Insurance
  By the end of 2012, the total revenue of all financial institutions is 12.78 billion yuan, which has increased 22.31 billion yuan by 21.2%. The rural and urban household saving deposits are 72.39 billion yuan, which has increased 14.29 billion yuan by 24.6%. The loan balance is 68.78 billion yuan, which increased 10.92 billion yuan by 18.9%. Among it, the short-term loan takes 31.75 billion yuan which has increased by 16.7% and medium and long term loan takes 33.54 billion yuan which has increased by 12.3%. At the end of the year, there are 4 branch security companies. There are totally 58,827 accounts, among which 3669 are newly-opened. The total agent security transaction amounts to 18.981 billion yuan, which decreased by 23% comparing with the last year. There is one municipal listed company, whose total market capitalization of circulation shares is 4.71 billion yuan, equaling to the previous year.
  By the end of 2012, there are 24 branch insurance companies, among which 12 manage property insurance business and 12 manage life insurance business. The total insurance income amounts to 3.194 yuan, which has increased by 5.4%. Among it, the property insurance business accounts for 1.108 billion yuan which has increased by 16.7%; the life insurance business accounts for 2.086 billion yuan which has increased by 0.25%. The total indemnity amounts to 1.081 billion yuan which increased by 6.6%. Among it, the property indemnity accounts for 0.641 billion yuan which has increased by 5.5%; the life indemnity accounts for 0.44 billion yuan which has increased by 8.2%. (From: Lu’an Statistical Bureau)