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CPC Lu'an Municipal People's Government of Lu'an Municipality on 2012 Investment Advice ( April 28, 2012)


     2012 is the full implementation of the " Twelfth Five-Year Plan" key year, do work of good capital attraction further, to promoting the development and upgrading, has important significance. The city should adhere to the scientific outlook on development as the guidance, outstanding industry investment, investment, improve the mechanism to promote, optimize service environment, promote the investment to a new level.
     One, grab seize opportunity, high propulsion, cogent strengthen capital attraction job leader
     To seize the coastal industrial transfer and our city is faced with multiple support policy superimposed historic opportunity, give full play to the resource advantage, traffic advantage, hold to capital attraction main strategy does not shake. Standing Committee of municipal Party committee every year to listen to a report on investment, investment related major problems; city hall standing meeting every quarter to listen to a capital attraction job circumstance to report, arrangement deploy whole town capital attraction work; city capital attraction work leading group held a monthly investment operation, supervision and inspection of capital attraction job and the progress of the project. City straight each unit, each county Party committee ( Committee ), government ( Committee ) to capital attraction as a key work, often catch indefatigable. Mobilize all social forces to participate in investment, support investment.
     Annual investment performance in 2011 performance basis, implementation of domestic capital in place of the growth of more than 20%, more than 15% foreign capital in place of growth.
     Two, integration of resources, innovation, and strive to enhance capital attraction job effectiveness
     Set up the key industry investment group. Under the existing investment group will be adjusted for equipment and auto parts, mineral resources, deep processing of agricultural and sideline products processing, textile and light industry, new building materials, culture, modern service industry, strategic emerging industry, 8 industry investment group, each group separately by the municipal Party committee, municipal government, city National people's Congress, the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference leaders of relevant departments directly under command, participate in. Each group is arranged yearly working funds 300000 yuan, the introduction of each of at least 1 a total investment of 500000000 yuan project or 4 investment in fixed assets 60000000 yuan project ( culture, strategic emerging industry project of investment in fixed assets 10000000 yuan ).
     The establishment of foreign investment group. The city hall is in charge of the leadership to take the lead, municipal departments to work, arrange funds 300000 yuan, the introduction of the annual 1 a total investment of more than $30000000 of foreign capital project or 2 a total investment of more than $10000000 of foreign investment projects.
     Continue to carry out diplomatic capital. City liaison office work, appropriate means, according to the relevant provisions of assessment rewards.
     Actively expanding agent investment. Give full play to all types of chambers of Commerce, trade associations, and the Lu'an foreign talent intermediary organizations in the role of Bridge Association, strengthen the tracking of docking, establish incentive mechanism, expand the investment results. Deepen with the coastal developed area government, development park exchanges and cooperation, exploration to build park.
     Cogent do good business investment. In order to settle enterprise coordinate services at the same time, a comprehensive grasp of the enterprise on the downstream industry chain and horizontal relations of cooperation, the development of new projects. With the help of enterprise business information channels and personal connections, GUANG business friends, feeling a platoon to customers resources, make clear working key, door to door butt, improve investment efficiency. To continue to employ investment advisers, strengthen the tracking of docking, close communication links, the expansion of business achievement.
     To encourage social investment. On the introduction of investment in fixed assets 60000000 yuan industrial projects, according to the actual forms fixed assets 0.6% reward; professional market, four star and above hotels, modern logistics and other industrial projects, according to the actual forms fixed assets 0.4% reward. Support units directly under the autonomous investment. On the introduction of the project into compliance with the project determination conditions, the year-end assessment, according to the relevant provisions of the city industry investment subsidies, evaluation results into municipal Party committee, city hall related assessment.
     To closely rely on our city advantage resource and industrial basis, accurately grasp the industrial transfer, scientific planning and promote investment project, city finance arranges 300000 yuan every year for the preparation of investment projects, investment projects. Strengthen the propaganda promotion, promotion Lu'an visibility and influence, city finance every year municipal investment information and media promotion funds 100000 yuan. The county also arranged some funds for project development and construction of information.
     Three, tamp foundation, optimize a service, accelerate the upgrading of industrial undertaking ability
     Strengthen infrastructure construction in the park. County District according to the city's industrial development plan, combinative place is actual, decide pillar industry, a reasonable industrial layout, guide industrial assemble. In accordance with the Eastern District of new industrial requirement, cogent do good in Eastern Metro planning, the unified guidance of infrastructure construction in the park. To further increase investment, strengthen the park road, power supply, water supply, gas supply, sewage treatment, pipe network and other infrastructure construction. Insisting on land conservation and intensive management, increase the intensity of idle land clearing, to encourage the construction of multi-storey buildings, and strive to improve the efficiency of land utilization. To encourage the introduction of warehousing, logistics, finance and insurance and other production supporting the project, and construction of the park facilities and social services, improve the supporting ability of the park.
     Efforts to break the bottleneck. To further increase the land expropriation and area development efforts, focus on the protection of investment projects for the need. Strengthen the occupation technique training, smooth employment channels of information, to solve the employment problem. To further strengthen the commercial banks and other financial institutions of cooperation and docking, increase of foreign commercial banks and other financial institutions to introduce strength, improve the financial institutions to support local economic development incentives, give full play to the role of bill discount, acceptance and debt collection (notes ), a variety of financial instruments, and actively carry out risk investment and equity the investment company's cooperation, increase enterprises listed on the work, make every attempt to solve capital project construction and production and operation of capital requirement. Efforts to do a good job in investment projects and enterprises settled in the work of energy-saving emission reduction, relieving energy pressure of environmental resources.
     To further increase the policy guidance, the establishment of a scientific and rational Park project access mechanism. Settled in the city economic and Technological Development Zone, city to undertake the transfer of industries concentrated area of demonstrative garden of separate for industrial projects, investment scale is generally not less than 60000000 yuan, land investment intensity are generally not less than 2000000 yuan / mu, mu all revenue expected to not less than 200000 yuan / year. In other provincial developing zone separate for industrial projects, investment scale is generally not less than 40000000 yuan, land investment intensity are generally not less than 1500000 yuan / mu, mu all revenue expected to not less than 100000 yuan / year. Establish and improve investment project budget review mechanism, comprehensive assessment of investors, investment intensity, strength of industry drive force, tax contribution rate, energy saving and emission reduction targets, strict project access. For small-scale investment, investment intensity is not high, in line with industrial assemble needed for the project, through the construction of standard factory approach, to guide the project settled in.
     Unified economic and Technological Development Zone, city to undertake the transfer of industries concentrated demonstrative garden and Jin, yuan economic and Technological Development Zone investment preferential policies. County district develop policy of capital attraction privilege to be reported to the municipal investment leadership group and legal departments to review, "on a " major project of preferential policies, the project contract in the former city investment leading group for the record.
     Encourage attracting large and strong, highly cited the new recruit. On the international and domestic top 500 enterprises, the central enterprises, listing Corporation, the national high-tech enterprises in our city investment in major projects, or a one-time investment in fixed assets 500000000 yuan of above manufacturing industry project, take "of a proposed "; introduction of culture, tourism, logistics and other major projects, according to the city 's key construction projects fee for a " one stop " charges. The introduction of strategic emerging industry project, priority support for projects in terms of land use, enjoy the favourable policy more flexible.
     Actively explore the benefit sharing mechanism. The counties of major projects to the city economic and Technological Development Zone and undertaking industrial transfer in concentrated demonstration park set, City Economic and Technological Development Zone and undertaking industrial transfer in concentrated demonstration park would be suitable for the counties of the project recommendation to county down, objectives and tasks can be two-way calculation, benefit sharing.
     To improve the service efficiency. Departments at all levels should strengthen the sense of service, establish a sound investment security business service mechanism, promote open government, strengthen the government service, streamlining administrative links, optimize the process of examination and approval, perfect " one-stop " examination platform, the establishment of a major project approval project easy access and joint trial deputy system. Effectiveness of office to promote performance of the construction of " ten systems", carrying out " ten investigation " and " six six " for grasper, increase of major investment projects of track inspection, and seriously investigate and deal with the influence of investment environment of people and things, and create a favorable investment environment.
     Four, strengthen regulation, strict reward and punishment, ceaseless and perfect investment mechanism
     Adhere to the system of the public project. To have the contract confirmation project, in Lu'an capital online publicity, after publicity without objection, the list. Once the project list publicity, the scale of the project, construction content and attraction person shall not change.
     Strengthening supervision and scheduling. City capital attraction leading group office shall timely investigate report investment dynamics, accurately grasp the timely reporting of major project cue tracks and construction situation, major projects, major item information to a newspaper, urgent telegraph. City efficiency does to track inspection capital attraction work leading group meetings, project coordination meeting, project promotion conference meeting agreed matters of importance to carry out fulfil a circumstance, the supervising result communicated regularly and incorporated into the year-end appraisal.
     Improving the evaluation mechanism. Adhere to the quantitative and qualitative evaluation combined counties, further improve the investment evaluation methods, will be the introduction of project quality, investment scale, content of science and technology and the progress of construction as the evaluation focus. Improvement of units directly under the investment appraisal mechanism, will introduce the project as the main basis of examine and judge review actor. Units directly under the investment performance into the efficacy construction assessment Pingyoupingxian, rewards and punishment, and the hook.
     Strengthen capital construction. Governments at all levels should cogent take seriously and strengthen investment orgnaization construction, to further strengthen the work function, with full with strong leadership, the selection of outstanding cadre to enrich investment team, recommend mothball cadre to investment line of duty to take exercise. Departments directly under the principal responsible comrades to highly value capital attraction job, undertake investment task unit, to be a responsible comrade in charge of specific, from business backbone, participate in the investment work. Ensure business continuity and stability, staff without permission shall not be adjusted. To further increase the investment in staff training, improve staff quality and work ability of investment business.